Posted by: Marie | March 12, 2010

(268) Watching from the wings

Post #268
[Private journal entry written on Monday, November 30, 2009]

I belong to a local association of music teachers. Tonight, we put on a concert – well, I mean, our students put on a concert.

Various towns in the area put on annual “Festivals of Trees”. In each town’s festival, local businesses and families create Christmas-tree-oriented displays. The displays contain really cool items like live trees (that can be planted), cool decorations, dollhouses, concert tickets, collectable books, etc. Members of the general public can put bids on each display through a silent auction. It is a fundraiser for community arts.

Going White by Martin Chen

Community groups (dance troops, singing groups, etc.) perform for the festivals. So, that is what our students did tonight. We performed out in the lobby of the community center – the tree displays lined the walls of the lobby, so we were situated among the displays. (It is a huge, three-story lobby.)

Eight teachers entered students into the event – our combined group of 35 students performed two hours worth of solos and ensembles – with piano, flutes, violins and cellos. It was awesome! We had the piano on the second floor balcony of the lobby and the string and wind instruments on the main floor. We alternated back and forth between the two levels. It was not a formal, sit-down concert; rather, it was background music for the patrons walking around. However, we still attracted a standing crowd of people.

Because I was the event coordinator, I was hanging out near the piano so I could watch both performance areas. At one point, a (10-year-old?) student of another teacher started his piece on the piano, but then he messed up the opening measures, got scared and froze up. He looked at me in panic . . . I guess he looked to me for help because his teacher wasn’t in the immediate area. I didn’t know him, but of course I wasn’t going to leave the poor kid hanging.

So, I crouched down next to him on the side of the bench away from the crowd and talked to him – had him take a deep breath, close his eyes and listen to the opening measures of his piece in his head for a few seconds, then take another run at it. He did just fine after that – a very impressive performance for someone that young!

Anyway, three of my students performed and they did awesomely – I am so proud of them! I’ve never had a student in a recital/concert before! I actually got tears in my eyes and had to ask for Kleenex from a parent!

How cool!


  1. Cool, indeed! I am so happy for you!

    • Thank you, Ivory!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful occasion.

    • Thank you, Evan!

  3. Wow… what a great teacher!!!

    • Thank you, Paul!

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