Posted by: Marie | March 3, 2010

(261) You have no idea how glad!

Post #261
[Private journal entry written on Thursday, November 19, 2009]

Today, I traveled to the home of Betty, my most senior piano student, for her
lesson . . .

When I knocked on her apartment door, there was no answer. I noticed that all her personal items that normally are in the hallway around her door were gone.

I wondered what had happened . . . she is 85 years old . . . it wouldn’t be unthinkable that she had been moved to a full-care facility or had died . . . no one would notify me because I’m not family . . .

Photo by Martin Chen

I hesitantly turned the doorknob to see if the door was unlock – it was. I opened it and looked inside – the apartment was totally empty.

She had been very sick the last couple of weeks and had cancelled her lessons . . . I guess the writing was on the wall . . .

I didn’t know what else to do but go home and see if I could figure out what had happened . . . or, maybe the lady at the concierge’s desk would clue me in . . .

As I was walking to the concierge’s desk, I happened to look across the lobby . . . and here came Betty, moving as fast as her legs would let her move!

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that they moved me to a new apartment! They are going to put in an elevator shaft where my apartment was . . . ”

Whew! Boy, was I glad to see her!!

Anyway, I tried out a new idea in her lesson today . . . I stuck colored index tabs on various keys to show her scales and chords – and she made more progress in one lesson than we have made in the last six or seven lessons! I think I found “the trick” with her!

How cool!

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