Posted by: Marie | March 2, 2010

(260) Hope confirmed

Post #260
[Private journal entry written on Wednesday, November 18, 2009]

Today, I took my new digital piano over to the [potential] piano studio to see if the piano noise would be an issue for the print shop’s retail area. We put it out in the open area upstairs and turned up the volume to its highest level and I made as much noise as I could with it. The owner said she could hear it downstairs, but it was not so loud as to create a problem.

Ali Mountain by Martin Chen

In fact, when we put it around the corner in the dormer (the dormer is open on one side, connected to the big open area), it cut the piano noise that travels downstairs by almost half. I know that I create a lot more noise than my students do — so I’m guessing the people downstairs won’t even be able to hear my lessons at all. And, when I’m playing for fun, I can put headphones on if I really want to go to town! Either way — the owner said the noise is not an issue for her.

So, we finalized the deal . . . five weeks to move-in!

And . . . surprise, surprise . . . I learned that the print shop owner plays piano . . . quite well, by the way! It seems she has an extra soft spot in her heart for piano teachers . . . LOL!

I am tickled that the studio, my house and my school district job are in such close proximity to each other. It is four blocks from my house to the school district job, and the studio is another three blocks beyond that. That means only seven blocks between the studio and the house. I already walk to the school district job almost every day — depending on how I schedule lessons, I may be able to continue leaving my car at home.

Anyway, I stuck around the [now confirmed] piano studio for a couple of hours – I helped move stuff out of the dormer and did some cleaning. Then, I set up the piano under the big dormer window.

I was going to browse used furniture stores today to find tables and bookshelves . . . but, the print shop owner took me into her storage area and let me dig though the furniture she had in storage. It looks like I will only need to buy one tall bookcase for all my music books and sheet music – she provided all the other furniture. All I had to do was clean the dust and cobwebs off of them.

She seems pleased to be helping a new business get going – she launched her own business more than 30 years ago, so she understands my experience.

This is awesome! I’m really getting excited about the possibilities being offered by this new studio . . .


  1. What a wonderful new start! I am so happy for you!

    • Thank you, Ivory! It is exciting!

  2. Wonderful, congratulations

    • Thank you, Evan!

  3. Great news… I look forward to hearing what happens next…

    • Thank you, Paul . . . I’m glad you’ll be staying tuned!

  4. It’s pretty neat to see how that all came together for you. I think it is great to have your own space!

    • Hi, lostinamaze –

      Thank you! It is COOL!!!!

      – Mare

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