Posted by: Marie | February 25, 2010

(257) It just fell into my lap!

Post #257
[Private journal entry written on Friday, November 13, 2009]

The day after I found space for my piano studio, I went onto Craig’s list and found the digital piano of my dreams listed by a resident of a near-by town . . . priced at $525. It has the full 88-key keyboard with weighted-action keys, 500+ voices, keyboard-splitting capability, easy chording, rhythmic accompaniment, interactive tutorials, MIDI interface and a 6-track sequencer.

My new keyboard - Yamaha YPG625

This afternoon, I drove over there and looked at it . . . it is in perfect condition. He had two other people waiting to buy it if I didn’t.

I bought it – of course.

I may need to find a way to cover up all the buttons and flashing lights and screens during my lesson with Wesley to minimize his distractedness (he has Asperger’s), but that shouldn’t be hard to do. A large piece of cardboard should do the trick.

Now, I just have to make sure the noise level is acceptable to the print shop owner . . . one last hurdle . . .

I’m starting to believe this is actually going to come together. I have decided it is time to build a website for my studio . . . I already have a few pages built . . . this is gonna be so cool!


  1. Dang! You haven’t told us before now!!! I am so happy that it’s working in your favor — or is it. I hope it has and you are happily sharing your client’s tunes with the new neighborhood!

    • Thank you, Ivory, for the good wishes! Keep reading to see how it works out . . . LOL.

      – Marie

  2. Congratulations! I hope you plug the audio output of that baby into a decent amplifier and speaker system… Or do you listen with headphones?

    • Hey, Paul –

      I’m working on the amplifier and speakers . . . gotta save up my pennies again . . .

      – Marie

  3. Great news. Congratulations.

    • Thank you, Evan!

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