Posted by: Marie | January 25, 2010

(233) The many faces of depression

Post #233
[Private journal entry written on Saturday, September 26, 2009]

Today, I read a couple of blog posts about depression in other blogs.

In this one (Making Decisions When Depressed), John describes what it is like to make decisions while in the different levels of depression. He also touches on the decision to continue living when depression is at its worst. I found myself nodding my head in understanding – I understand well what he is saying about feeling ineffective and powerless.

And, in this one (Two Views of Depression), Isabella Mori proposes the idea that depression is a space within ourselves that needs to be respected and integrated – that it can be a source of healing. Instead of seeing as something to fight against, I could embrace it and see it as a safety mechanism. Maybe, when my brain and body is pulling me into a depression, it is because I need a break from the everyday stuff so I can feel and heal. If I won’t actively choose to give myself that break, my psyche will step in on my behalf and cause a break to occur. With that logic, I can see depression as a good thing.

This goes along with my hope of getting to the place where I can find good in everything that is and has happened – my hope of finding purpose in all of this.


  1. “my hope of finding purpose in all of this.”


    • Hey, Ivory –

      It is what I hang onto . . . glad you share the sentiment.

      – Marie

  2. Hi Marie,

    I do think depression can be a way of looking after ourselves. I think you will find good stuff is there – although the depression may be entirely unpleasant.

    I’ll be interested to hear more about this in the coming months – if it comes up again for you.

    • Hey, Evan –

      I am finding it can even be a sanctuary of sorts . . . and when I allow myself to see it as helpful, I find the unpleasantness fades faster. It’s another of those paradoxes.

      – Marie

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