Posted by: Marie | December 18, 2009

(205) Vacation!

Post #205
Hi, everyone!

I will be with family the week of Christmas (Mon, Dec 21 – Mon, Dec 28) in Orlando, Florida . . .

Posts will continue to appear on my blog (see below — this post is sticky). I will have daily access to the internet and to my blog, but it may be a challenge to find a private spot in the house where I can be alone to respond to your comments (my family doesn’t know about my blog). Therefore, it may take me more than 24 hours to respond to a comment.

I wish everyone the best in this holiday season!

– Marie


  1. I’m looking forward to going to Atlanta for Christmas with my sister and her family. It won’t be as warm as Florida, but I know it won’t be below zero either! ;) I hope you have a wonderful trip and holiday.

    When you get a chance, swing by my blog for a little holiday cheer card I made there. Cheers!

  2. Hope it’s a blast (of hot air).

    • LOL — good one, Evan!

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