Posted by: Marie | December 5, 2009

(195) Spotlight: All Who Wander Are Not Lost!

Post #195

Spotlight on a Great Blog

I have been perusing many therapy and mental health related blogs over the past few months and have found quite a number that I really like and have added to my blogroll.

Some of those blogs are of exceptional value to me — I feel compelled to call attention to them, as is the case with the blog I’m highlighting in this post. You may ask, “What qualifies as exceptional value?” Well, I value the following:

1) An overall focus on healing and moving forward — that doesn’t necessarily mean there is an absence of negative material; but rather, that it is balanced with solution-oriented insights;

2) Originality — while links to and reuse of enlightening material is good, original content is even better;

3) Relevancy — the majority of the posts are related to therapy and the therapeutic process;

4) Level of activity — the author(s) keeps the material fresh.

So, here is one blog that I feel qualifies as “highly valuable”:

All Who Wander are not Lost!

The author’s name is Gabriella Moonlight (“Gabi”) and I’ll let her introduce herself in her own words: “I am a 41 year old mystically enhanced BoHo goth. I love to hug trees, worship dirt, play with kids, and sit in amazement at the joy, sadness, and great amazing journey that is life. I am an honest soul, a sensitive soul, I will not lie to you to save your feelings, if it means that I can save your life. I will not intentionally hurt you with my honesty, nor will I avoid being an honest presence in your life. I can be a difficult person because of my honesty and I can confound those because of my love. I have no idea how I came to this place in life, but I am so grateful to be in this moment, any moment. I follow my own path and I believe that people are inherently good; and I believe in the honesty that lies within all of our hearts, I fall in love much too easily and I am a sensual spirit who loves to be touched and who loves to sit with the spirits of others.”

Gabi writes with such raw honesty that sometimes it is shocking. She doesn’t filter or “make it pretty”. She just says what she needs to say. She shows the ugliness and yet she always finds the hopeful viewpoint. And, she always finds beauty in every situation and person. She inspires me because I can see myself in her story.

If you are so inclined, I encourage you to swing by her blog and enjoy!

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  1. I like that quote down there! Ha, I usually like ALL your quotes!

    • Hey, imaginenamaste –

      LOL . . . thank you!! I like it, too!! Thanks for stopping by!

      – Marie

  2. Thanks Marie… I was meaning to do the same kind of searching… but, now I don’t have to because you did the work for me!!!!

    I did find one blog you may like… it’s called PTSD: A Soldier’s Perspective. I plan to get around to writing about it on my blog… but haven’t studied it carefully yet.

    I’m going to bookmark this post so I can be sure to check this new blog out and the others on your blogroll.

    Thanks a lot!

    Reading blogs is a gesture to my inside… and generally helps keep me safe.


    • Hey, Paul –

      Thanks for calling the PTSD blog to our attention (

      I like passing along a link when I find a great blog . . . sharing the wealth, ya know!

      Thanks for your input!

      – Marie

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