Posted by: Marie | October 2, 2009

(154) Reader Input: Secrets

Post #154

Solicitation for Reader Input

A few days back, an interesting discussion arose among my friends Evan and David, and me in response to a post. The discussion was about the appropriateness of having some secrets in emotionally intimate relationships as long as withholding the information doesn’t cause harm to the other. I’m interested in hearing what the rest of you readers have to say . . .

Do you actively choose to keep some secrets in one or more of your emotionally intimate relationships? What kinds of information do you withhold? How do you decide what to share or not share?

Does the newness of a relationship affect how much you share — how quickly? What guidelines do you follow?

What role does trust play in making those decisions? How do you know when there is enough trust in a relationship?

Are there some things you are more likely to withhold in platonic relationships? In romantic relationships? In familial relationships?

I really want to hear your stories!! Please send me your comments!

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