Posted by: Marie | September 11, 2009

(144) Guest Post: Therapy troubles

Post #144

Guest Post

I have been blessed with a great honor . . . a fellow blogger, Evan, asked me to write a guest post for his blog. He is posting it today. In the post, I summarize my experience with my two former therapists (Mark and Dr. Barb) and discuss what worked and what didn’t work for me.

I invite you to hop over to his blog (Well-Being and Health) and check it out!

Quotes 070


  1. I love your quote in the box!

  2. Fantastic quote up there! Made me laugh then think!

    • Hi, imaginenamaste –

      Congratulations! You are the very first person ever to comment on the yellow-box quotes! I was beginning to wonder if anyone was seeing them, LOL.

      I have fun finding all the quotes . . . and I do hope they give people something to think about!

      – Marie

  3. Great post you wrote. I think it is great that you are healing is such a self-empowering way. Good for you.


    • Hi, Kate –

      Thank you for your kind words! One piece of guidance I received from many readers of this blog was to go the self-empowered route . . . I so agree!

      I see evidence of the same thing happening with you when I read your blog . . . good for you!

      – Marie

  4. Hi, Marie –

    That is a wonderful post as Evan’s blog – I completely agree on the need to map your own way to recovery. It was only after I took charge in that way that I could begin to get better. And I love the idea of getting to that early life of unity that your body instinctively knows about.

    Thanks for these ideas —


    • Thank you, John, for the “amen!”

      I like the idea that therapists can offer suggestions . . . but there is power in choosing the options that ring true for me.

      I appreciate your input!

      – Marie

  5. Marie.
    Your entry on Evan’s site was helpful for me to read. As a therapist it is disappointing to read that your experiences with therapists were so mixed. It is essential that you feel that you can proceed at your own pace, on your own terms, and find someone who can help you feel secure during your search for growth and answers. It is good you knew when to leave.

    But obviously, I think that a good therapist can paly a role in helping you to manage your anxieties as you begin to explore thoughts, feelings and memories that have angered, frightened and limited you for so long. You are frght in thinking that you should not force these feelings away, but learn that they need no longer control you.

    Best of luck. I am quite sure you will succeed.

    • Hi, BJD –

      Thank you for your insight from a therapist’s viewpoint . . .

      Yes, I, too, was disappointed . . . but, I’m sure I’m not the easiest client to work with — I have a long history of challenging what people in authority tell me in a less-than gentle manner — I can be rather combative.

      I do believe that there are therapists in the world who can help me — and I’m a lot smarter now about how to select a therapist. I have hope for a good relationship someday.

      One thing that is exciting to me is that therapists are reading what I’m writing . . . I hope that allows them to better understand the client’s perspective and to be better therapists. One can only hope.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      – Marie

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