Posted by: Marie | September 4, 2009

(140) Spotlight: I’m Just FINE

Post #140

Spotlight on a Great Blog

I have been perusing many therapy and mental health related blogs over the past few months and have found quite a number that I really like and have added to my blogroll.

Some of those blogs are of exceptional value to me — I feel compelled to call attention to them, as is the case with the blog I’m highlighting in this post. You may ask, “What qualifies as exceptional value?” Well, I value the following:

1) An overall focus on healing and moving forward — that doesn’t necessarily mean there is an absence of negative material; but rather, that it is balanced with solution-oriented insights;

2) Originality — while links to and reuse of enlightening material is good, original content is even better;

3) Relevancy — the majority of the posts are related to therapy and the therapeutic process;

4) Level of activity — the author(s) keeps the material fresh.

So, here is one blog that I feel qualifies as “highly valuable”:

I’m Just F.I.N.E. — Recovery in Al-Anon

This blog is written by Syd. Here is how he describes himself: “I’m an adult child of an alcoholic married to an alcoholic who is learning the steps to recovery through Al-Anon. This is my journey in search of serenity.”

He brings so much wisdom to his readers by sharing his struggles — and the mindset and tools he uses to pass through those experiences. His story is deeply personal and relevant to many people dealing with addictions. His writing is upbeat and warm — and very honest and authentic. He is an exceptionally talented writer, to top it all off!

Even if you are not personally dealing with substance abuse, I believe you can draw tremendous inspiration from his blog. If you are so inclined, I encourage you to swing by his blog and enjoy!

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