Posted by: Marie | August 14, 2009

(125) Let’s give it another go

Post #125
[Emails from and to my therapist exchanged on Thursday, April 9, 2009, in response to my earlier email]

Hello Marie;

I apologize for my delay.

I have reread your email a few times.

I am willing to work with you and put in the work with you as your needs require.

I have not read the book you referred to. I will look it up and order and we can walk through it together. I am fine with that.

If this is the path you choose, let me know and I will travel it with you or understand if you do want to travel it alone or otherwise.

Health & Blessings,
Dr. Barb


Hi, Dr. Barb –

I do want to continue working with you . . . thank you for your response and your willingness to do what I think I need to do.

Good — I’ll send you a status report next week . . . and I’ll see you at our next appointment.

Thank you, again.
– Marie

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  1. OMG! This sounds like my T! He has gone several extra miles for me, I truly hope you found that in Dr. Barb!

    • Hi, Ivory –

      It really sounds like you have found a gem in your therapist! I’m glad for you!

      – Marie

  2. You are one strong lady!!

    Umm.. Hello, Dr Barb is a Therapist and hasn’t ever read The Courage to Heal?!!

    Ok, so I really try to keep my opinions out of comments and just be supportive, 1. That has kept me from commenting since I just have nothing to say except… WTH? 2. I just figure you don’t need my advice you can trust yourself, you just need support like the rest of us.


    Can I just say this Dr. Barb has issues of her own she needs to deal with and Denial is NOT… just a river in Egypt!

    There, I opened my Big Mouth, or was that fingers!!

    Take Care,

    • Hi, Vicki –

      I’m so glad you commented . . I really welcome opinions . . or even comments that relay a simple “WTH?”

      Even if your opinion is different from mine (which it wasn’t in this case), I still welcome it . . . I am learning so much from people and that is very good! I am still looking for answers . . what you write might just be what I needed to hear . . or what another reader might need to hear . . . it’s all good!

      – Marie

  3. The courage to heal is a wonderful book that I bought as recommended by a coworker when I was working with a group of ” angry women”by the time I was on denial of my own anger and my own issues. I also have the workbook, which I recomend to you since it talks about writing as a healing tool.
    Good luck:)

    • Hi, Marisol –

      I didn’t even know there was a workbook! I’m glad you mentioned that!

      The book seems to be high on most people’s “must read” list . . . it is really well written and deals with what really needs to be processed.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      – Marie

  4. Hi Vicki, every therapist has their issues. It is how they work with them that makes the difference I think.

    Looking forward to the next instalment Marie.

  5. Hi, Evan –

    I so agree with you that every therapist has issues . . . they are human, after all, just like the rest of us. Getting their own issues fixed doesn’t automatically come with graduating from college or completing the training.

    I acknowledge the human-ness of therapists and am very willing to allow for it. However, it is very important to me that a therapist is willing to say to me, “I can see that my own issues have gotten in the way of your therapy. I’m sorry. I am going to change the way I’m showing up in your therapy in this way . . .”

    It is no big deal for me when a therapist “messes up” . . . just a big deal when he/she isn’t willing to consider the possibility that I might have a valid point about his/her behavior . . . just a big deal when he/she insists the conflict rests 100% on my shoulders when I am quite sure the responsibility is shared.

    That is what was happening with Dr. Barb, and it is what happened with Mark, my first therapist.

    Anyway, thanks for being such a great supporter of my blog, Evan!

    – Marie

  6. I just read your post from Aug 15. I change my comment from above. This lady has me going back and forth between, she is good, she is bad. I think I’m back on the side of bad.

    She’s too confusing. My T definitely isn’t that. Dump her.

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