Posted by: Marie | July 6, 2009

(100) Reader Input: Life priorities

Post #100

Solicitation for Reader Input

Okay . . . I’m going to take a short break (just a few days) from posting my journal entries. I really want to hear what you have to say about your priorities in your life . . .

What are your priorities?

Which ones are more important to you?

How closely does the order of your priorities reflect what really happens in your life?

Do you get to set your priorities or does someone else?

What do you do to ensure your highest priorities get treated like they are important?

How formalized or clear is your list of priorities? In other words, do you have them written down or are they loosely floating in your head?

How do you foresee your priorities changing over the course of your life?

I really want to hear your stories!! Please send me your comments!

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