Posted by: Marie | June 27, 2009

(97) Reader Input: I’m puzzled . . .

Post #97

Question for the Readers of my Blog

Hi, everybody!

I have noticed a ten-fold increase in the traffic to my blog in the last 24 hours . . normally I can figure out how the traffic is getting driven to my site by looking at the incoming links and search terms . . . but, those indicators aren’t providing data that explains this volume of traffic. So, I’m puzzled — I’m tickled, but I’m puzzled. Can anyone tell me where all this traffic is coming from? Did my url get published somewhere without an html embedded link?

– Marie


  1. Can you tell if it is coming from StumbleUpon or one of the other voting sites?

    This is where my traffic spikes come from.

    • Hi, Evan –

      I have been watching my incoming links and I see that my blog made it onto a twitter feed a few hours ago — I got one incoming link from it. That doesn’t seem to explain it . . .

      Usually when my blog gets on something like AlphaInventions, the spike is sudden and short-lived — this has been a steady drip for about 36 hours (and counting).

      With this influx, the hits on the pages and individual postings are within the normal range despite an extraordinary number of hits on the home page. When I get a big hit of new readers, the newest individual post and my “about” page usually get a proportionately increased number of hits — not happening here, so people are glancing at the home page and leaving. Is that what StumbleUpon activity would look like?

      Well . . . . things that make me go “hmmmmmm”, LOL. Thanks for your input!
      – Marie

      • Or . . I know! I’ve been DISCOVERED!

        I’ve hit the mother-load of popularity . . . I’m gonna be famous . . . I can feel a book-deal coming, it’s just around the corner . . . and a movie . . . . . . my name in lights . . . cool!!!!! I’m gonna be famous! Get your autographs now, while they’re cheap! LOL

  2. I wonder if it has anything to do with searches about Michael Jackson. Because of his history, people are probably doing searches that would land them on blogs like ours.

    • Actually, Ivory, I am beginning to think the same thing . . . I have been digging around, doing some back-tracking and reverse searches and that seems to be the pattern . . . good thinking!

      – Marie

  3. I found you by checking out other bloggers reading lists. I have had a regular blog where I write about my family and found that I needed more. So I started a new blog for more that I didn’t really want my teenagers to read, at least not now.
    Thanks for asking and I am looking forward to reading more!

    • Hi, Vicki –

      Well, cool — thanks for letting me know how you found me, and thanks for stopping by, and thanks for commenting! I always enjoy hearing from the people who read my blog! I’m always interested in who they are, why they are reading my words, what they are hoping for . . . . so, I’m glad to hear from you. I’ll swing by and check out your blog!

      – Marie

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