Posted by: Marie | April 21, 2009

(51) It’s not my bullshit

Post #51
[Email from my therapist received on Thursday, July 17, 2008]

Marie –

What we have been exploring…

Your need for control and order

Your sensitivity to having your thinking challenged or questioned, and subsequent heightened emotional state.

Your fears

Your inability to yell or be physical is a symptom not a cause.

Up until the last few sessions we have explored external causes for your behaviors, and have found several very powerful events that have affected your thinking and your soul. As of late we have been looking more inward, towards your ongoing behaviors and thought processes. You, like most, find it somewhat more comforting to address what has been done to us, vs. what we may be doing to ourselves.

I regret to hear that you question my motives and my truthfulness.

Do what you need to do in regards to further sessions. I will respect your choice either way.

I hope we can continue, but truly understand if you need to make a change.

– Mark

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