Posted by: Marie | April 10, 2009

(42) No known problems

Post #42
[Email from my childhood pastor received on Wednesday, June 18, 2008]

Dear Marie,

Let me say first that I regret that something could have happened to you connected with someone from our former church.  I am grateful that you are trying to work through this area with the help of a professional.

I can say that positively there has at no time been any accusations made that would give me the slightest hint of anything happening with anyone connected with the church of the nature you mentioned.  Mrs. D and I have tried to think of any family or person within the church during our years there, which were your early growing up years, that could have possibly been involved and we have none that we could even imagine.  As stated above, no one prior to your letter has questioned this to us.  Also, since you did not give any names of persons whose home you visited as a child, it leaves us at a loss as to who you might be thinking was involved.

Since we had daughters also being in contact with people of the church, we would often quiz them concerning any behavior that would have been out of place during their visits, to protect our own daughters.  They certainly never gave any indication, and positively no reaction to our questions that would cause us to have alarm.

It is true that Satan himself can often fill our minds with thoughts that are impure, and that is where the Apostle Paul says we need to allow the Lord to “transform and renew our mind”, Romans 12: 1 & 2.  It is encouraging to know that there can be victory over even our thought life and also forgiveness to those who have done us wrong as well as forgiveness to ourselves.

Marie, We will pray for you that you will be “More than an over-comer through Christ who gives us strength”.

In Christian love,
Rev D

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