Posted by: Marie | January 23, 2009

(5) What I see in the mirror

Post #5
[Therapy homework assignment completed Tuesday, February 26, 2008]

What I See in the Mirror

I have an organically pretty face – I have happy, dancing eyes, nice cheekbones, an ever-ready smile, and wrinkles developing in all the right places.

I have a strong, muscular body – strong enough to facilitate all the adventurous thrills I discover along the way.

I am significantly overweight.  I am too out-of-shape to do the physical activities I enjoy.  I believe that no man would find my lumpy fat rolls fat and jiggling belly attractive.

My skin is scarred and mottled.  I could never let someone within two feet of my face, even with make-up on, because they would see the scabs and think I am too gross to touch – that maybe it is contagious.

I feel frumpy.  I feel like I barely meet socially acceptable standards of appearance and hygiene.  I feel like there is no point to trying to dress attractively or to wear make-up – it won’t make a difference.

However, my hidden layers have been cultivated and developed with time and experience.  I have learned to be patient – with others more than myself – but even with myself to an extent.

I have a perpetually curious mind.  Everyday I find a hundred new avenues and veins to explore.  I always wonder “why?” and “how?”  I love to read and study.  I especially love textbooks.

I am tenacious.  There have been times when I have been so low and so discouraged that I thought I couldn’t continue – I have learned to just sit and let time pass during those times.  That takes strength and determination.

I am humorous.  I live to bring a smile to people’s faces.  I love to bring the best out in others.

I am off-the-charts smart.  I can easily absorb large amounts of complex information, piece it together in an organized manner, then feed it back to other people in an easy-to-comprehend package.  It is one of my strongest gifts.

I am a visionary.  I can readily see the potential greatness of a person, of a group or of a company.  I can clearly see the path and methods needed to get from here to there – I see that path in great detail.  I can easily share that vision with others and inspire them to contribute their gifts to the realization of that vision.

I am empathetic.  I can see people’s hearts clearly.  I quickly know the focus of their core commitment.

I love deeply.

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