Posted by: Marie | January 18, 2009

(1) Divinely-orchestrated personal “boot camp”

Post #1
[Editorial note about my life during 2001-2006]

I am a lucky gal – and blessed! I’ve led a significantly charmed life. I’m smart, pretty, healthy and hard working. I’ve always been surrounded by a loving family. My parents passed down solid mid-western values to me. I’ve always had plenty to eat, plenty to wear and a clean, comfortable home to live in. I’ve had really cools jobs. I’ve seen much of the world. I’ve lived a life of adventure, doing so many things that other people only dream of doing.

In the wake of September 11, 2001, some of the magic seemed to slip away. The economy got lean. Like many people, I lost my only source of income when my industry dissolved. My technical skills quickly became outdated, making me a less-than-competitive candidate in an impossibly competitive job market.

Because I had been working in director-level positions, no one would consider me for entry-level positions – not in my industry, not in other industries. I was “too overqualified”. I knew I was in trouble when McDonald’s wouldn’t even interview me. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t find a job.

Thus began what I have come to label as my divinely-orchestrated personal “boot camp”.

For the next five+ years, I leaned heavily on my family and friends to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly as I desperately struggled to reinvent myself professionally. I accepted every single temporary job I could find, no matter how difficult or low paying. I sold pretty much everything except my bed, my desk and my car to pay rent and buy groceries. I went without the extras and just “got by”. It was a tough time.

However, good came of it. My life became simplified. My priorities became clear. My faith became stronger. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade the experience and the results for anything in the world. I clearly understand that those shifts in my character had to occur in preparation for what came next and for what is yet to come.

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